Starting JoieFarm: Heidi Noble

Winery founder Heidi Nobel shares the story of starting JoieFarm Starting JoieFarm way back in 2003, JoieFarm began as a cooking school and gastronomic guesthouse. As a poor cook and a waiter, we had a dream, but we didn’t have any money. So we spent our only cash repainting the farmhouse bright red. We needed to make it legit. […]

JoieFarm Winery, JJ Skidmore, and a custom cocktail

JoieFarm Winery, Quartermaster JJ Skidmore, and the Joie de Vivre cocktail At JoieFarm Winery in Naramata, BC, JJ Skidmore treats the Nimble team to a tasting. JJ and the JoieFarm crew love rosé, and their passion results in amazing wines. The Joie rosé is a beautiful summer wine. Creating a custom cocktail for JoieFarm JJ and […]

“The Offering” Cocktail at Pacific Rim National Park

A Cocktail in a Hut on the Beach – Stress Test at 1st of 29 Canadian National Parks When you’re embarking on an adventure as epic as our cross-Canada tour, you’ve got to do some serious planning.  Since Nate, Kyle and myself will essentially live out of a small trailer for our trip, we have to pack […]

The Smoked Cocktail: A Wild Spur Kinda Night

The smoked cocktail: Perfect for a night around the fire About once a year, we make sure we get out to the beach so that we can have a fire and hang out with some good friends. This year, we decided we’d make a cocktail that fit the occasion perfectly. Never thought you could infuse […]

Shawn Soole Preaches Mexican Cuisine

“We’re not a Mexican restaurant; we’re a restaurant that serves Mexican” – Shawn Soole Cafe Mexicana is the oldest restaurant in Victoria, BC serving Mexican. It’s no longer a quick stop, though. It’s a thoughtful, refined establishment that presents guests with one of the largest mezcal bars in Canada as well as fine Mexican cuisine. The chef, from Durango, […]

The Shameful Tiki and its owner, Rod Moore

Enjoy this quick and dirty — and, shall we say, shameful? — recording from our conversation with the owner of The Shameful Tiki Room. We caught up with Rod Moore, the owner of The Shameful Tiki Room and The Modern Bartender to learn a bit about his businesses. Like many entrepreneurs… Rod started his businesses […]

Drinks and Drams With Whisky Wisemen

In this episode we get our feet wet in Vancouver by mixing up a couple of delicious whisky cocktails with Whisky Wisemen’s co-founder Nick Harborne. Who are the Whisky Wisemen? Whisky Wisemen is a nonprofit that hosts cocktail parties to raise money for charity. The Wisemen are now branching out into other forms of charity events […]

How To Make a Canadian Old Fashioned

Guess what’s in our Canadian Old Fashioned?! A special day calls for a special ingredient. June 3rd was National Doughnut Day, so we made a cocktail that reflected the majesty of the day: the Canadian Old Fashioned. We used Wiser’s Whisky, a Canadian classic with a very high rye content and beautiful sweet and spicy […]

Vlog 1: Cross-Canada Road Trip

Welcome to Nimble Bar TV! We’re about to leave on our road trip across Canada and want to share a bit of our vision first. In this very first episode of our vlog, we’ll take you through the story of the idea from concept to reality, a bit about what we do as a company, […]