A bit about us

Who we are

We’re an unconventional group of cocktail nerds, digital marketers, videographers, strategists, and entrepreneurs. We’re united by our passion for mixed drinks and our thousands upon thousands of hours working in bars and restaurants around the world.

We’re addicted to growth: growth in marketing reach, growth in customer satisfaction, and growth in profit margins. Whether you’re a bar, distillery, event planner, or individual, we love helping you shine through imaginative cocktails.

Our Core Values

We Are Nimble

We execute our projects light, lean, fast. We work when it’s time to work, and play when it’s time to play. And we’ll travel just about anywhere.

We Are Learners

Markets change, and so do we. What works in content creation and strategy today might not work tomorrow. We study and use the latest tech and cutting edge strategies that deliver results.

We Always Overdeliver

We create content that effectively educates, informs, demonstrates, and entertains audiences. With our decades’ experience, we understand our clients like few other marketing companies can. We’ll even stand in for our clients as bartenders if needed.



Nathan Caudle

Co-Founder / Creative

Nate used to say, “I’m the only guy I know who’ll still be bartending when I’m 60!” While he’s shifted his career somewhat, he is absolutely dedicated to helping bars and bartenders everywhere.

With a knack for pulling great ideas out of thin air, Nate’s happiest when he’s tapping into his creative process. His cocktails have been featured in the Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Imbibe Magazine, and more. He won Best Bartender Pacific Northwest two years in a row, was the Victoria finalist in the Barate Kid Competition, and won the Jameson Punch Bowl Competition. In 2013, Nate co-authored the book Cocktail Culture with Shawn Soole.

Nate’s encyclopedic knowledge of wine, spirits, and cocktails enables him to train bartenders on effective selling techniques. When he isn’t exploring the wonders of his palate, he is watching the Simpsons.


Kyle Guilfoyle

Co-Founder / Vision

Once upon a time, Kyle rode a bus from Montreal to Toronto and back while watching nothing but bartending videos. After that trip, Kyle was hooked. As a hustling busboy in Montreal, he relentlessly had bartenders quiz him on shots and cocktails. His keen interest eventually landed him a job at some of the best cocktail bars in in Toronto and Victoria (also some of the best in the country). He has been featured in publications such as The Globe and Mail, the Times Colonist, and EAT Magazine. Kyle was a Victoria finalist for the speed bartending competition Barate Kid. Now, over 13 years’ worth of experience later, Kyle has served in every role imaginable.

Kyle still loves the craft of cocktails, but he’s shifted his primary passion to hospitality management and training. He now dedicates his time to helping bars and restaurants communicate their story and improve their digital strategies. Kyle’s additional background as a professional singer and voice coach brings a unique storytelling and communication edge to his clients. Ask him to serenade you.

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