Command Any Bar With Confidence

We take the mystery out of what makes a great barkeep. We’ll teach you how to command a room with your skills, knowledge, & presence, without spending years as a bar-back, searching through YouTube videos.

Trusted by over 4,000 students, and some wonderful organizations, including:

We’ve got the community, expertise, and proven programs to help you develop, fast.

Sure, you could learn a lot by pounding the pavement, working at crusty bars, and crossing your fingers that you might get that bar gig you’ve actually been dreaming of, or …

Start developing your skills methodically, using proven models and systems, and rapidly accelerate your bartending prowess.

In other words, learn potent life skills (that happen to pay the bills).

Since bartending is ultimately about connecting with people, we should probably tell you a bit about who we are…

From mortal enemies to a synergistic, dynamic duo

Hey, we’re Kyle & Nate, founders of the Nimble Bar Co

We didn’t meet on Tinder, but like many great relationships, we DID meet in a bar…

And in the beginning, things were pretty prickly between us. We didn’t really ‘get’ each other.

But as time passed, we started to develop a sense of team and a synergistic energy behind the bar that we came to be known for.

We started hearing things like “I just got back from [insert big city name here] and no one does it like you guys.”

And slowly it started to click that we had something to offer, something to teach.

We figured if we could help people improve quickly, that they could skip all the awkward years we’d spent figuring it out on our own (and the whole industry would benefit).

A city of specialists

We also started to tap into the highly specialized talent in our home city of Victoria, BC:

Experts in fortified wines, wine training, bar management, and other specialty areas, giving our students access to multidimensional experiences and resources.

All of this culminated in the Nimble Bar School.

In other words, we created the school we wish we'd had when we were starting out.

Our Team of Experts Who Make Our Education Programs & Events Happen

Kyle Guilfoyle

Co-Founder, Vision

Nate Caudle

Co-Founder, Creative Director, Events Coordinator

Josh Boudreau

Assertiveness, Consultant

Brian Newham

Hospitality, Winning Competitions

Brant Porter

Bar Management

Sebastian Lopez

Client Partner, Events

Shrawan Khanna

Wine Education

Chili Berisoff

Fortified Wine Education

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