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Virtual cocktail classes

From our classroom to your computer — introducing on-demand virtual cocktail classes.

Cocktail culture helps us connect, experiment, and have fun. Whether you want to inject some mixing fun into a date night, or mix it up with your whole corporate team online, let’s make it happen 🥂

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What are the classes like?

Our 90 minute virtual cocktail classes are broadcast live from the home bar setup of one of our knowledgeable cocktail experts.

You will learn cocktail history, how to mix the 5 most important classic cocktails to perfection, and even how to come up with your own creations 👩‍🔬👨🏽‍🔬

  • Classes are 90 minutes via Zoom
  • You will get a shop list so you know exactly what you need
  • The virtual cocktail session is facilitated LIVE so any questions get answered in real time
  • You get a PDF reference guide (no note-taking required)

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The Five Ruling Classic Cocktails

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Make Your Own Bitters

Seasonal Cocktails

Tiki Madness

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6-10 Participants
$ 197
11-20 Participants
$ 297
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$ 397
31-50 Participants
$ 497
51-100 Participants
$ 597

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  • The DNA that influence 99% of cocktails
  • How to make The Five most important classic cocktails better than most bars
  • The building blocks for creating your own custom cocktails