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Bartending is a universal skill that can help you in many areas of your life — from making the perfect drink for your date, to travelling around the world and making money.


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What Others Are Saying

What I learned is that bartending has helped me value my time more, and now I don't have to work doubles anymore. It's changed my life.
Emily Pollock Bartending School Alumni
Emily Pollock
Alumni & Bar Operations Lead
This is an antidote to the classic bar school stigma. Courses are comprehensive, fun, and challenging with homework and fieldwork designed to help round out your skills and knowledge. Both Kyle and Nate have an incredible skill sets and a wealth of knowledge which they are enthusiastic to share with everyone. Would highly recommend to anyone who is interested from a complete beginner to current bartender.
Evan Riggs Bartender
Evan Riggs
Alumni & Bartender