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We are seeking a Marketing Coordinator to join our team! You will be joining a supportive startup culture that’ll accelerate your entrepreneurial and marketing skillset. It’s a growing role so there will be lots of opportunity to shape your evolution, together.

You’ll work directly with the founders to ensure our marketing is consistent, value-driven, and ultimately drives revenue and profit.

We’re based out of Victoria, BC, but this job is 100% remote.

We hire for attitude, first. Here are a few essential characteristics:

  • You’re a hungry, driven, and self-managed person — You don’t need hand holding…
  • You move fast and are hellbent on delivering value…
  • You’re an insatiable learner…
  • You’re highly organized…
  • You’re good at taking ideas to the finish line…
  • You’re solution-oriented…
  • You’re fun AF

A few of your responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Attend weekly or bi-weekly team standup meetings to get aligned on the week’s ‘dominoes’ that need to get knocked over
  • Coordinate weekly value-packed email sends to our list of over 2,000 subscribers
  • Help manage social media (2-3 posts per week on IG + FB)
  • Write and edit copy for social, email, and blog posts
  • Write show notes for podcast episodes
  • Conduct outreach to prospective students, clients, and podcast guests

​The following skills / experience are highly attractive:

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • WordPress
  • Data analysis to uncover blind spots and opportunities — Google Analytics, social analytics, etc
  • Systems thinking
  • Ability to work well in teams


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