Shawn Soole Preaches Mexican Cuisine

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“We’re not a Mexican restaurant; we’re a restaurant that serves Mexican” – Shawn Soole

Cafe Mexicana is the oldest restaurant in Victoria, BC serving Mexican. It’s no longer a quick stop, though. It’s a thoughtful, refined establishment that presents guests with one of the largest mezcal bars in Canada as well as fine Mexican cuisine. The chef, from Durango, trained in French and Asian cuisine. You won’t find your everyday burritos, fajitas, or chimichangas here. You’ll find them gussied up. You’ll find Mexican food with an elevation you probably haven’t seen before. The Cafe is a classy restaurant.

You’ll find tapas, fire-roasted peppers and veggies, steamed clams, and many other thoughtful menu items in addition to the Mexican food staples you’re used to. Just don’t expect your burrito to be served on a paper plate wrapped in foil. This is Mexican cuisine, not fast food.

“The slushy machine is my baby… The horchata is money and the La Paloma is addictive.”

These aren’t your dad’s slushies, though. The folks behind the bar at Cafe Mexico use fresh juices, exotic garnishes, and hand-crafted intention. So stop by next time you visit Victoria. You’re in for a treat. And dress it up with a collared shirt or something while you’re at it *wink*.


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