The Smoked Cocktail: A Wild Spur Kinda Night

by thenimblebar on June 29, 2017

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The smoked cocktail: Perfect for a night around the fire

About once a year, we make sure we get out to the beach so that we can have a fire and hang out with some good friends. This year, we decided we’d make a cocktail that fit the occasion perfectly. Never thought you could infuse a cocktail with campfire? Read on for an introduction to our smoked cocktail.

You see, cocktails can be paired with more than just food.

They can also be paired with a mood, event, occasion, or spirit.

If you’re going to gather around a fire, why not incorporate that into your drink? We paired the same tools necessary for the campfire for the cocktail. What’s the most beautiful thing about the fire aside from its enchanting glow?

It’s the smell.

We cut up small pucks out of bourbon barrel staves so that they fit most glasses very well. Then you take a butane torch to it until it catches fire and put your glass over top of it.

Almost any cocktail tastes great when smoked.

Want to infuse your cocktail with some campfire? Check out our proprietary Nimble Puck.


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The Smoked Cocktail: A Wild Spur Kinda Night