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JoieFarm Winery, JJ Skidmore, and a custom cocktail

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JoieFarm Winery, Quartermaster JJ Skidmore, and the Joie de Vivre cocktail

At JoieFarm Winery in Naramata, BC, JJ Skidmore treats the Nimble team to a tasting. JJ and the JoieFarm crew love rosé, and their passion results in amazing wines. The Joie rosé is a beautiful summer wine.

Creating a custom cocktail for JoieFarm

JJ and his colleagues love wine, and we love cocktails. So we created something special for them: the Joie de Vivre cocktail.

The Joie rosé contains awesome strawberry notes and epitomizes the perfect summer wine. We decided to compliment the rosé in our custom cocktail with Hendrick’s Gin. The gin uses cucumber and rose distillate, which should pair perfectly with the wine.

We’re also using cucumber, lemon, a rhubarb syrup (freeze chopped rhubarb, thaw it in the fridge, and then soak in a simple syrup overnight), and hand-juiced lemons.


1.5oz Hendrick’s

1.5oz Joie rosé

35ml Rhubarb syrup

.75oz Lemon juice


Shake over ice, serve on the rocks. Garnish with a cucumber ribbon.

Sound good?

Visit the JoieFarm Winery to sample their rosé. You can also find them on Instagram at @joiefarm.


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