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Case Study: Meet Bartender Harry Tham

photo of bartender harry tham

One of the things we love most about bartending is that it can change someone’s life pretty fast — from a significant bump in income to suddenly meeting tons of […]

How to Become a Bartender in 2022 (even if you have no skills, knowledge, or experience)

Become a Bartender

Learning how to become a bartender (even with no experience) isn’t as challenging as it sounds. In this guide, we’re breaking down our step-by-step process for becoming a bartender—backed by our own decades of experience and through interviews with 3 successful bar managers. We’re covering everything from building your bartending skills, to establishing the right relationships, how to get a bartending job and more.

Try This Fun Summer Campari Cocktail Recipe 🍉

Summer Campari Cocktail

Try this Campari cocktail recipe for something a little different (and highly potent) this summer. A mix of smoke, fruit, and bitter-beautiful Campari Continuing on the campari recipe train that […]

The Ultimate Guide to Bar Jiggers

Bar Jiggers Guide

In this in-depth guide on bar jiggers, we’re covering what a bar jigger is, cocktail jigger styles and sizes, how to use a jigger, where to buy jiggers, and more. […]

Empress Gin: 8 Things You Should Know

Empress Gin and Tonic Grapefruit

The story behind Empress 1908 Gin’s ingredients, colour change, taste, where it’s from, and our favourite cocktails  One of the most strikingly coloured spirits you will find on liquor store […]

Download The Five: A Short Guide to Master the Basics

The Five Download
  • The DNA that influence 99% of cocktails
  • How to make The Five most important classic cocktails better than most bars
  • The building blocks for creating your own custom cocktails