The Nimble Bag of Bartender Tricks

Bartender Tricks

How To Use Bartender Tricks to Be More Confident Behind the Bar Bartenders need to project confidence. Our ability to do so puts our guests at ease, gains their trust, and gives them permission to have a good time. Master these bartender tricks and you’ll be oozing confidence and blowing your guests away in no […]

Starting JoieFarm: Heidi Noble

Winery founder Heidi Nobel shares the story of starting JoieFarm Starting JoieFarm way back in 2003, JoieFarm began as a cooking school and gastronomic guesthouse. As a poor cook and a waiter, we had a dream, but we didn’t have any money. So we spent our only cash repainting the farmhouse bright red. We needed to make it legit. […]

JoieFarm Winery, JJ Skidmore, and a custom cocktail

JoieFarm Winery, Quartermaster JJ Skidmore, and the Joie de Vivre cocktail At JoieFarm Winery in Naramata, BC, JJ Skidmore treats the Nimble team to a tasting. JJ and the JoieFarm crew love rosé, and their passion results in amazing wines. The Joie rosé is a beautiful summer wine. Creating a custom cocktail for JoieFarm JJ and […]