The Nimble Bag of Bartender Tricks

Bartender Tricks

How To Use Bartender Tricks to Be More Confident Behind the Bar Bartenders need to project confidence. Our ability to do so puts our guests at ease, gains their trust, and gives them permission to have a good time. Master these bartender tricks and you’ll be oozing confidence and blowing your guests away in no […]

3 Steps To Win When People Seem To Suck

3 Steps To Win When People Seem To Suck How to reframe any interaction so it works for you, not against you.   When you work behind the wood, you’ll interact with more people in one night than many interact with in an entire month. Sounds great, right? You get to hone in on your […]

How to Wow Your Wedding Guests With Amazing Beverages

People drink more at weddings than at any other social occasion. But couples planning weddings rarely take the time to ensure their guests have an awesome experience with those wedding beverages. Often, couples merely opt for whatever their venue has in stock. WHY YOUR WEDDING BEVERAGES MATTER Download this guide as a FREE PDF If […]

How to throw an UNFORGETTABLE party

At the Nimble Bar Co., we’ve perfected the art of throwing the unforgettable party. We’ve got some key steps and recommendations you can follow to do the same. Download our  free PDF guide for your own files, or read on here! STEP 1: DEFINE YOUR VISION Have you ever been to a wedding where the […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Martinis (and Their Variations)

Martinis for beginners. In the world of cocktails, the martini holds a special place. The mention of its name conjures its distinct glass and garnish, as well as images of its distinctive drinkers. People of influence  casually saunter to the bar and say, “Martini, please”:  businessmen and women, well-to-do housewives, and, of course, James Bond. The […]

7 Steps To Become An Absinthe Expert

The US government legalized absinthe more than a decade ago, but mystery and misunderstanding still surrounds the spirit. So we decided to help a bartender out and offer seminars on the worthy drink. Absinthe, also known as the ‘green fairy,’ is a beautiful and unique spirit with a colourful history. But people always ask us, […]

Interview for success: The art of staffing your bar

Your bartender represents YOU, YOUR brand, and YOUR business. Patrons frequent or avoid  establishments just like yours solely because of the bartender. So how do you find someone who represents your culture well? How do you interview and then hire the right candidate? More importantly, how do you weed out the wrong candidates? Let’s talk […]

How to Conduct an Interview: Asking Powerful Questions

When you ask people questions that have been curated just for them, you give them the power to step into their own space and express themselves. You’re also saying to them: “hey, I really give a shit.” This is a pure form of hospitality. We’ve noticed that because we spend our time catering to folks […]