By Nimble Bar Company

Vlog 6: Yoho National Park and the Yoho Snakebite

Yoho National Park and the Nimble Crew

After some epic adventures in the west, we ventured farther into Canada’s heartland to Yoho National Park. The park borders Banff in the east and Kootenay in the south, and was the second national park to be created in Canada. To honor the rich heritage of this beautiful land, we created a mixed drink. What else were you thinking? A sandwich? Come on. You should know us by now. 

The Yoho Snakebite


4oz Lager, drier the better (We used Kokanee due to limited selection)

4oz Apple cider, drier the better. We used Rock Creek in the video.

Sweeten with spruce tip syrup.

Garnish with spruce tips.



Nathan teaches Kyle the art of eating sunflower seeds

This, folks, is a significant right of passage. If you, like Kyle, are unfamiliar with the art and science of eating (and then spitting) sunflower seeds, have a watch. This is one skill you must master.

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