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Vlog 4: Vancouver Cocktails: A Whirlwind Tour

Vancouver cocktails: a few of our favorite things

First stop, The Modern Bartender. What good is a cocktail expert without his tools? I’m not exactly sure, but he won’t be mixing drinks. This great little shop on E. Pender in has everything you need to craft amazing beverages. It’s basically a candy store for the cocktail obsessed.

Next up, Whiskey Wiseman Nick Harborne took us to the Irish Heather. Here, we met possibly the most knowledgable whiskey expert we’ve ever seen. We then crafted a smokey cocktail we affectionately named Camp Vickie (it has Miss Vickie’s potato chips in it!!!).

The Shameful Tiki was our third stop, and we’d definitely recommend a visit. Check out our linked post for full details on the amazing tiki vibe.

And what would an exploration of Vancouver cocktails be without a trip to Keefer Bar, one of the world’s 50 top cocktail bars?

We then made a custom cocktail to embody the awesome hippie vibe of Kitsilano. Check it out.

Want some bartending training? Check out Ryan Boyd’s Fine Art Bartending schools in Vancouver or Calgary.

And we saw some bears.

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Vlog 1: Cross-Canada Road Trip

Welcome to Nimble Bar TV! We’re about to leave on our road trip across Canada and want to share a bit of our vision first. In this very first episode of our vlog, we’ll take you through the story of the idea from concept to reality, a bit about what we do as a company, and what you can expect from Nimble Bar TV.

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Video Index

00:00 Our cross-country idea: How Reese’s crazy concept convinced us to do something big. Still not sure if a road trip is the best idea, but there’s only one way to find out!

02:40 Doing the hard thing first: Apparently this is a trend for us. We shot our first video in the dark and in the woods. Now we’re setting out for weeks on the road.

03:29 What we do: First, we’re digital storytellers who focus your business’ unique character. Second, we consult bars and restaurants to improve margins and training. Third, we throw awesome private parties for individuals and organizations.

04:40 Bespoke cocktails: First we understand your restaurant as deeply as possible. Then we encapsulate that in a never-before-seen cocktail unique to you. And we capture it on digital media and help you share it with the world.

05:45 High-quality, authentic storytelling: Most video seems hollow. It misses the point. Even if the video looks really, really good, many times you just don’t care. It’s empty. That’s because the video feels inauthentic and it doesn’t share your restaurant’s story — your brand. We tell your story like no one else can.

08:30 What our YouTube channel is about: We share segments on bespoke cocktails connected back to the earth. We share segments on our epic road trip and adventures, and we share videos we’ve produced for local restaurants.

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Vlog 4: Vancouver Cocktails: A Whirlwind Tour
Vlog 1: Cross-Canada Road Trip