In-Depth Training for Bartenders

Whether you’re just getting started, or have been bartending for years… our products are designed to help you build the skills you need to succeed.

Talk To Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime About Spirits

A fun and effective course to help you discover the world of spirits.

  • Learn a simple 3-part framework to understand any spirit quickly
  • Get a resource and community you can turn to anytime you have questions about spirits
  • How to go from just ‘liquid’ to an ‘experience’ 
Spirit Mastery

Detailed Lessons to Help You Build a Finessed Bartending Skill Set

Develop confidence in your technique and muscle memory from home

  • Make pouring, building, stirring, and shaking look elegant and effortless
  • Get weekly feedback on how to continuously improve your skill
  • Put your skill on steroids using functional flair movements that improve efficiency and average guest spend

Master the Art and Joy of Mixing Drinks

Learn how to make the 50 essential classic cocktails better than, well, anyone.

  • Look over our shoulder as we make the most popular cocktails in the world
  • Access the Nimble Cocktail Helpdesk for when you need assistance 
  • Become a cocktail superhuman
Cocktail Mastery

Coming Soon

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Cocktail Mastery

Coming Soon

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Download The Five: A Short Guide to Master the Basics

The Five Download
  • The DNA that influence 99% of cocktails
  • How to make The Five most important classic cocktails better than most bars
  • The building blocks for creating your own custom cocktails