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Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

Not Enough Time

Struggling to find the time to get your team together and train them to the level you want is a common issue we hear from bar owners. And therein lies a powerful opportunity for your bar to differentiate itself as a leader.

Team Isn’t Quite Working

If your operations feel clunky and you can’t quite put your finger on why, there’s a good chance you’ll find a kink in the way your team is setup.

A team that’s optimized will make your bar feel like a breeze to run...and they’ll be having a great time.

No consistency / standard

Red flags go off anytime a bartender says they make drinks based on “what they think” or “what they have been told.” When we all get in a room together, it’s hard to argue with perfectly balanced deliciousness. Your guests will notice the higher standard, and your team will enjoy the pursuit of excellence in every drink.

No Passion

If your team doesn’t get how their actions can make or break the success of your bar, and they don’t understand how that success can impact them, then they might not be bought-in. This could easily lead to a lack of passion, or worse -- complacency (a death-knell). Passion creates energy and theater. It’s what will have your guests glued to their seats and coming back.

Turnover too high for training to be feasible

Many bars don’t train on an on-going basis because the industry is conventionally understood to be transient. This is a vicious cycle, and it doesn’t have to be this way.

Investing in your ability to train your team, get buy-in, and catapult your people to new heights will become a virtuous cycle.

In other words...love ‘em or lose ‘em.

Communication Gaps

Communication gaps are the source of many evils including knowledge gaps and culture gaps. Communication tools and best practices will reduce team anxiety, overwhelm, and unwelcome surprises. At the same time, it has the power to propel your culture to one that people want to be a part of.

We believe that any bar can go from a V4 engine to a V12 engine. What could that bump in performance do for your business?

What We Offer

Custom courses tailor-made for your bar


Team Training, Development and Engagement

Coaching & Support

How We Can Help

High-Performance Bartending Technique

Profitable Menu Development

Tool Mastery

Wine & Spirit Education

Bar Team Communication

Culture Development

Functional Flair Movements

Upselling Strategies

Cocktail Education

Verbal Judo & Being A Great Host

Cocktail Education

Team Engagement

What Others Are Saying

“We had Nimble Bar in to assist with technical training, triage and functional flare. They kept the classes fun but extremely informative. I can say with confidence the staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We were eager to brush up on existing skills and pick up new ones. They surpassed all expectations and even assisted with bar layout to help during rushes. The staff have renewed confidence and eagerly await the chance to show off their polished repertoire. I highly recommend and definitely see the value in hiring someone with Nimble Bar training as it is extremely expansive and current. Well done guys!”
Peter Hunt of Empress Gin
Peter Hunt
President, Victoria Distillers
“Thoughtful, fast-paced, and effective! Our staff were excited and had confidence after the training. Already looking forward to the next session!”
Andrea, a bar owner
Andrea Gueulette
Bar Owner
I have admired Nimble’s skills and expertise in the field and have often sought out their counsel and advice for my own learning purposes.

As the owner/manager of Bodega and the Tapa Bar, I expect a high level of knowledge from my staff but also lack the time to host or facilitate seminars or training sessions, so I find them to be an invaluable resource.
Nate and Kyle have hosted two seminars with our staff this winter. The first one was geared towards collectively designing a new cocktail list, considering such aspects as guests’ tastes, availability and cost of products, efficiency of preparation and execution of the cocktails. The session involved educating staff on the key components of costing and building cocktails, which has since contributed to less waste and lower cost in the trial and error process of developing feature cocktails. The second seminar was an educational one on the category of fortified wines which was very instrumental for our Spanish restaurant which focuses on Sherry and Vermouth. Both sessions included visual aids, printed resources, tastings, as well as thorough information that was delivered in a very accessible way. The staff spoke very highly of both seminars and have since requested more of them.
The value of what the Nimble Bar Co. does has everything to do with a combination of Nate and Kyle’s expertise and passion for what they do, but also the personable, funny, and accessible manner in which they share their vast knowledge and skill. As a restaurant owner/manager I highly esteem and appreciate what they do and will continue to use their resources because I’ve experienced how effective they are.
Emily Henderson Bar Owner
Emily Henderson
Bar Owner

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