Vlog 4: Vancouver Cocktails: A Whirlwind Tour

by thenimblebar on July 14, 2017

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Vancouver cocktails: a few of our favorite things

First stop, The Modern Bartender. What good is a cocktail expert without his tools? I’m not exactly sure, but he won’t be mixing drinks. This great little shop on E. Pender in has everything you need to craft amazing beverages. It’s basically a candy store for the cocktail obsessed.

Next up, Whiskey Wiseman Nick Harborne took us to the Irish Heather. Here, we met possibly the most knowledgable whiskey expert we’ve ever seen. We then crafted a smokey cocktail we affectionately named Camp Vickie (it has Miss Vickie’s potato chips in it!!!).

The Shameful Tiki was our third stop, and we’d definitely recommend a visit. Check out our linked post for full details on the amazing tiki vibe.

And what would an exploration of Vancouver cocktails be without a trip to Keefer Bar, one of the world’s 50 top cocktail bars?

We then made a custom cocktail to embody the awesome hippie vibe of Kitsilano. Check it out.

Want some bartending training? Check out Ryan Boyd’s Fine Art Bartending schools in Vancouver or Calgary.

And we saw some bears.

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Vlog 4: Vancouver Cocktails: A Whirlwind Tour