Bar consulting services

We bring 45 years of experience to your table

We’d love to help you grow your community presence, refine your marketing, and distinguish your bar. We’re available for consultations that cover the following topics:

Liquor Costs Controls

Without systems, there is chaos… and financial loss. As the saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. That is to say, if you don’t have any controls, you lose money money. Guaranteed! We evaluate your current systems and processes and then build out what’s missing. For example, our clients frequently save around 20% in liquor or food is not uncommon after implementing a simple inventory system.

Menu Creation & Design

Creating new, innovative cocktails is one of our true passions. We’ll help you create a custom cocktail menu of bespoke cocktails using locally sourced ingredients — recently tapped maple syrup or Saskatoon berries, anyone? We talk a lot about story at Nimble, and your menu is no exception. We’ll help you craft a menu that will tell a story.

Event Planning

We host amazing events all the time. We’d love to help you plan yours. We’ll guide your concept creation and execution. We know the tools to use to pull off the perfect event and we know how to measure success.

Customer Experience Evaluations

We send secret shoppers to your bar. These incognito individuals evaluate your staff and the overall customer experience. Based on the feedback, we rate the staff based on a variety of soft and hard skills and then coach your team to improvement.

Bar Marketing Workshops

Is your business taking full advantage of social media? What about blogging or email marketing? Are you constantly running promotions and contests to drive traffic and build your email list? Are you using Facebook Ads or Google Adwords to promote your bar, specials, and events? We’ll show you what works, what doesn’t, and how to manage it all.

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