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Nimble Smoke Oak: Cocktail Smoking Puck

The easiest way to smoke cocktails. The Nimble Smoking puck is made from 100% charred new American oak barrels. Simply take a cooking torch to the Nimble Smoke Oak Puck, and put your glass over the puck. It will pick up the vanilla campfire smoke characteristics (and so will your cocktails 🍸🥃🍹).




Want to impart nostalgic notes of campfire smoke into any cocktail? The Nimble Smoke Oak Cocktail Smoking Puck will help you do that.

We import bourbon barrel staves from the best bourbon makers in Kentucky and across the United States.



When you buy the Nimble Smoke Oak: Cocktail Smoking Puck, you get access to three how-to guides that show you how to make our 3 favourite smoked cocktail recipes.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7 cm

1 review for Nimble Smoke Oak: Cocktail Smoking Puck

  1. nimblestage

    Way easier to use and more portable than a smoking gun.

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