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3 Victoria Entrepreneurs Launch Mobile Bar Business by Crossing Canada Coast-to-Coast


The 3 bar industry experts will go across Canada and back in 122 days with 1 Jeep, 1 half-bar half-trailer, 1 drone, 3 One-Wheels and 9 cameras, spanning 10 provinces, 22 major cities and 29 national parks

The aptly named Nimble Bar Company will launch their company on June 1, 2017 with an epic cross-Canada adventure. They’ll visit every major city as well as 29 of Canada’s national parks.

Cocktail bartenders Kyle Guilfoyle and Nate Caudle have partnered with bar veteran and digital marketing wizard Reese Richards to form the Nimble Bar Company.

A digital media, consulting and event company with a focus on the hospitality industry, the company plans to tell the stories of bars and restaurants worldwide.  As can be witnessed by the videos on their website, the Nimble Bar Company takes a unique approach towards storytelling, events and videography.

To learn more about Nimble Bar Company, check out, read their blog, sign up to follow their escapades or tune into Nimble Bar TV. The company can also be found on YouTube (Nimble Bar Co.), Twitter (@nimblebarco), Facebook (Nimble Bar Co.), Instagram (@nimblebarco), Snapchat (@nimblebarco), and Pinterest (Nimble Bar Co.).

“Whether it’s getting that perfect aerial shot with the drone, filming action shots with the GoPros or choosing the right lens for the perfect outdoor product shot, we go out of our way to capture that special blend of style and creativity”, says Nate.

While most media companies would simply perform a service, charge a fee, produce the content and leave, Nimble Bar Company takes a different approach. Kyle, Nate, and Reese create and capture viral experiences between bar owners and patrons. The boys train bartending staff on the wonders of absinthe or bitters and then capture the result. Or they collaborate with bar staff on a classy evening of drinks in the wilderness. The Nimble Bar Company goes to great lengths to create unforgettable moments for bars and their patrons which then turns into an unforgettable piece of digital media that the bar owner can use in future marketing efforts.

“The idea of launching the Nimble Bar Company by way of an epic trip from one coast of Canada to the other came about as a result of a series of events,” says Reese.

“The first of these events was the free admission to all of the country’s national parks to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.  The second event was the launch of the next generation OneWheel, called the OneWheel+.  Those two events coupled with our company’s core value of #BeNimble, eventually led to the idea of touring across Canada, camping at every national park along the way as well as meeting and interviewing bar and restaurant staff from every major city in Canada.”

“Nimble is clearly an important aspect of our brand, so we need to make sure we’re living it,” says Kyle.


About Nimble Bar Company:
The Nimble Bar Company is the brainchild of bartenders Kyle Guilfoyle and Nate Caudle and bar veteran and digital marketing wizard Reese Richards. The three men are bar industry experts with a passion for helping their clients tell their stories through state-of-the-art imagery, eye-catching video, interesting prose and creative events. For advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please visit