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The Calgary Stampede and The Jerker Cocktail

by Nimble Bar Company on July 27, 2017

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The Calgary Stampede is

The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

Every year, over one million show-goers converge on Calgary for the Calgary Stampede. Music, rodeos, rides, food, culture, family, and fun. Basically an amazing week of western fun. And what would a visit to such an amazing event be without… a custom cocktail???

The Jerker Cocktail

Don’t forget the jerky! None of that pre-packaged stuff, neither. Go visit your local butcher or jerky-makin’ establishment and buy yourself something nice; treat yourself. No preservatives. It’s jerky! It’s made to last.


Cayenne pepper, diced and mashed

Jerky-infused whisky

Tempranillo (In this case, Campo Viejo)

Plum sauce

Lemon juice

Shake over crushed ice, strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with lemon rind wrapped around jerky.

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The Calgary Stampede and The Jerker Cocktail