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The Nimble Bag of Bartender Tricks

Bartender Tricks

How To Use Bartender Tricks to Be More Confident Behind the Bar Bartenders need to project confidence. Our ability to do so puts our guests at ease, gains their trust, […]

3 Steps To Win When People Seem To Suck

3 Steps To Win When People Seem To Suck How to reframe any interaction so it works for you, not against you.   When you work behind the wood, you’ll […]

How to throw an UNFORGETTABLE party

At the Nimble Bar Co., we’ve perfected the art of throwing the unforgettable party. We’ve got some key steps and recommendations you can follow to do the same. Download our  […]

How To Max Out Your Online Reputation

Did you know that a small improvement in your online reputation can grow your revenue by at least 5%? Well, now you’ve got research from the Harvard Business Review to […]

Starting JoieFarm: Heidi Noble

Winery founder Heidi Nobel shares the story of starting JoieFarm Starting JoieFarm way back in 2003, JoieFarm began as a cooking school and gastronomic guesthouse. As a poor cook and a waiter, we […]

Download The Five: A Short Guide to Master the Basics

The Five Download
  • The DNA that influence 99% of cocktails
  • How to make The Five most important classic cocktails better than most bars
  • The building blocks for creating your own custom cocktails